February 19th, 2007

I close my eyes and I imagine “you.” “You” and me. What do I mean by “you” and me – I do not know. I don’t know who “you” is. I’ve lost it, the feelings I used to know so well. All gone. All washed down the drain. Missing. I fade away from my heart. It can’t break if it’s not being used. So don’t use me. “You.” The unknown. So distant. But I want “you.” I want to know “you.” I want to love “you.” “You.” My secret. I don’t know “you.” But forever “you” is all that is on my mind. Perfection trapped in imagination. Love that is stopped at a limit. Someday I will meet “you.” Someday I will know “you.” Someday I will love “you.” Someday “you” will hurt me. Someday “you” will break my heart. But for now, “you” is no one. “You” is just my imagination. “You” is nothing more than pixels formed on the computer screen typed from my fingertips. “You.” Trapped in my brain. “You” is no one. Maybe I am crazy, but I need “you”. I need to meet “you,” I need to know “you,” I need to love “you.” For once I have met “you,” I will truly understand. I will finally end my wondering. “You” will complete me. “You.” Such strange letters. Why – oh – you. “You.” My mind has created “you.” Someday “you” will be more than imagination. I still want to know who “you” will be. Maybe “you” will read this. Until then, “you” is no one. “You.” No one. Nothing. “You,” My love. No one. “You.”

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