You Can’t Move Me

September 15th, 2009

What do you see when you look in the mirror
Because I feel like what you see is wrong
Who you are is said to be me
But I’ve known you all along
Maybe you’re too blind to tell
But I’m starting to see you
And it’s scary because I hate who you are
But there’s not much I can do
I see the way you act
But you pretend like that’s me
Your negative qualities
Are who I’m said to be
But I could be wrong
I could be becoming who you are
Then you made me like this
Because you pushed me too far
Always acting like you’re better than me
But I’ve got nothing to prove
And if I don’t stand my ground
You’re going to make me move
And I do this as my resentment towards you
This is the side of me that you see
And if you don’t change your ways
This is all you’ll ever know of me


September 14th, 2009

I saw my reflection
But I should have known better
And I splashed her away
Because she’s too under the weather
How was it supposed to be like this
I thought the rain would go away
I thought I picked a better destination
But it rerouted a different way
I thought I finally knew where to go
Until I came to a dead end
And seeing from the other side
Maybe I was only just a friend
You tricked me with your words
Made me believe in something new
I never thought I could fall that fast
Especially for someone like you
And the puddles on the ground
Show me everywhere that I go
And I splashed them away
Because it’s something I should know
I should know how to deal with myself
I need to control how I feel
My impulse behavior has got to go
Because I got entangled in a dream that wasn’t real

Whatever It’s Worth

April 7th, 2022

For what it’s worth
I’m sorry
That this didn’t work
And you think I’m the jerk

For what it’s worth
I’m sorry
You throwing me against a wall
Eventually led to our downfall

For what it’s worth
I’m sorry
That when I needed you
You couldn’t come through

For what it’s worth
I’m sorry
When I was in a collision
You wouldn’t change your vision

For what it’s worth
I’m sorry
Your computer screen
Burned us like gasoline

For what it’s worth
I’m sorry
I felt so alone
When I arrived home

For what it’s worth
I’m sorry
I planned our anniversary trip
Then your guests sunk the ship

For what it’s worth
I’m sorry
I wanted to try
But I was your standby

For what it’s worth
I’m sorry
It took looking in a mirror
To make my loneliness so clear

For what it’s worth
I’m sorry
I learned to live without you
Through these things you can’t undo

So for what it’s worth
I’m sorry