RIP Karissa Urban

August 25th, 2022

I tried to work through our neverending strife
But it soon consumed my entire life
I weathered the storms of every ache
And there’s only so much a person can take
I tried to love you but you shut me out
Filled my head with nothing but doubt
You never understood my language of love
So I never felt anything but the lack thereof
When I was injured you only thought of gain
Leaving me to pick myself up in vain
You broke me with your absence of care
While I was belittled you stood and stared
You let your family speak to me with disdain
Bit your tongue which caused me pain
And when you apologized on my behalf
Your actions inscribed our epitaph

What Mayday Parade Said – But A Poem Instead of A Song

February 18th, 2022

I attract narcissists into my life
Like flowers attract bees
Longing to build a connection
But they soar in just to use me
I think I’ve figured out what they want
When I was already feeling used
Jumping into my life like a bomb
And I explode before they’re defused
But I know I’ll persevere
Still I feel so broken in
I’m feeling disheartened
My optimism is wearing thin
Learning my situation
And still choosing to proceed
Wanting to be a part of the mystery
But I just want to concede
And I can use them too
But that’s exactly what they want
For me to Taylor Swift them
While they act so nonchalant
I’m fundamentally perplexed
Yet I see behind the mask
So if you wanted a poem about you
Why didn’t you just ask?

The Broken Glass

February 1st, 2022

I am more broken
Than the eggshells on the floor
I tiptoe quietly
Because this became a war
No sudden movements
No need to sound the alarm
But you pierce me with your words
Like they’re shot from firearms
These eggshells are sharp
On my feet that are bare
And for years I waited on a sign
That you wanted to be there
I made wishes on eyelashes
And every underpass
I walked through hell for you
But I won’t walk on shattered glass