The Dark

January 7th, 2011

I flew across the room
Feeling something I’d never felt before
Lifted up
To have you walk out the door
In the dark
You showed me light
And being with you
Somehow felt so right
But the warmth was taken
And I was left alone
I didn’t like the feeling
Being on my own
I was in the dark
I was feeling so blind
And you were already gone
Without me in mind

Nothing But Same

June 24th, 2010

I watched the world spin round
I felt the cold breeze chill me
With no one there to keep me warm
I knew I was alone
The view of my window
Never seemed to change
The colors brighten
But it all still stayed so same
Time grew things old
But still, nothing is changing
The world is still spinning
And they all think I am crazy
Old colors fade to grey
And the new is next to go
And though it’s sunny now
It’ll all just fade to cold
The seasons change
Just to watch everything grow
But time is so inevitable
And they all know that I’m crazy