You Said You Missed Me First

January 24th, 2023

The euphoria I feel with you
It’s like I am on a high
But then I hit my comedown
And it makes me wonder why
The first time you told me you missed me
I thought you were full of sh*t
But when you whispered it to me
I thought you might have meant it
The signals you give to me
I don’t know when to go
The red light is still on
But do I proceed because you said so
I don’t know what you want from me
Your actions don’t match what you said
That I was getting too comfortable with you
When I think that was you instead


April 30th, 2011

I heard temptation say my name
It whispered in my ear
And all this guilt lays on my mind
Blasting for all to hear
The emptiness just can’t be filled
No matter who’s around
And the devil knows just what I want
But it never will be found
I found comfort in my ways
But it never fills the hole
And the more I try to drain my mind
The more my thoughts are full
And as I wait so pathetically
I wonder if anyone knows
I wait for a simple word
That passes as it goes
And these moments are slipping away
I’m wasting my own time
But I know to hold this in
I’ll always be just fine


April 30th, 2011

The idea, so close
The passion, so strong
But each and every thought
Makes it feel more wrong
The temptation, irresistible
The lust, set on fire
The devil’s reaching out her hand
And I feel your desire
Your lips pressed on mine
Up against the wall
And if I do this now
I think I might fall
Lock your eyes in mine
And look at me like before
Take my hand
And I’ll follow the allure