October 31st, 2022

Keep my walls up
I can’t do this again
Nothing is permanent
So I don’t write in pen
Don’t let them know me
This culture I hate
I’m learning this game
About how to date
At the start
I didn’t know the rules
Not staying guarded
Made me look like a fool
Now I’m fully closed
I won’t let them know
Funny after seven months
This is all I have to show

Long Term

October 5th, 2010

I don’t understand you
You must like to see me squirm
I tried to stop this in its tracks
But these feelings became long term
This never should have started
But I can’t make you go away
And after all this time
I’m losing track of the days
Winter was almost over
When you charmed me with your smile
And now we’re falling back
With these feelings in denial
We need some time apart
So that’s just what we’ll do
You’ll take a vacation
And I won’t think of you
I didn’t do my part
These feelings were too strong
And now you’re done with me
Because in your heart I don’t belong