Dancing Around The Situation(ship)

December 28th, 2022

I followed your lead
What a disappointment
Thinking you might change
But another canceled appointment
Dancing around the situation
Never to commit
Not even faking friendship
I guess that’s a benefit
I kept my walls up
I never crossed the line
But I have to let go
Of something never mine
So here I say goodbye
To what this could have been
You could never be who I need
So I’ll start all over again

The Ugly Truth

December 21st, 2022

I know I kept my walls up
You never had a chance
But you never made an effort
It’s the same old song and dance
“Maybe we’ll get together again down the road”
What does that even mean
What would be different in the future
If you’re “not that interested” in me
I said that I wanted to be friends
But now I don’t know if I can
Most time spent together within bedroom walls
And you had referred to yourself as my man
But I hated that you called me babe
And slept with the window open
Feeling like Katherine Heigl in The Ugly Truth
Because I didn’t want you to know I’m outspoken
Three months and three weeks have passed
Since I sent you that first text
Not sure how to process the ending
When you’re not even my ex

Note: I heard this song this week, and I felt like it needed to go with this poem!

The Last Thing I’ll Message You

December 20th, 2022

Scared to make myself vulnerable
Knowing how much I could have liked you
Trying not to ruin a good thing
Because there is no re-do
Keeping my walls up
When you’re the thing that scares me
Feeling safe with you
But getting hurt again is terrifying
Not sure where this was going
But every story has an end
So is this ours
Or will we still be friends?