September 14th, 2009

I saw my reflection
But I should have known better
And I splashed her away
Because she’s too under the weather
How was it supposed to be like this
I thought the rain would go away
I thought I picked a better destination
But it rerouted a different way
I thought I finally knew where to go
Until I came to a dead end
And seeing from the other side
Maybe I was only just a friend
You tricked me with your words
Made me believe in something new
I never thought I could fall that fast
Especially for someone like you
And the puddles on the ground
Show me everywhere that I go
And I splashed them away
Because it’s something I should know
I should know how to deal with myself
I need to control how I feel
My impulse behavior has got to go
Because I got entangled in a dream that wasn’t real


January 28th, 2011

I’m still dreaming about you
I never pictured this outcome
You’re like a nightmare
That I can’t wake up from
So many words wasted
On poems written about you
I never wanted any of this
I hope you’re haunted too
Get out of jail free
Should not exist
As partners in crime
You also deserve this
I’m drowning in guilt
There is no remedy
You can leave a person in the past
But you can never erase the memory

Alone (With You)

January 19th, 2011

I dream of you
What if it’s true
What if we were meant to be
Just you and me
But it’s only a dream
And I wake up alone
And I’m still at home
And you’re gone
Your lips were so close
Now so far away
I don’t know where they went
I don’t know where they lay
I know you’ve seen me
I know you stare
But so far away
You’re never there
Do you think of me
The way that I do
Or am I alone
Are you alone too
I don’t know you
I only wish I did
You’re the kind of person
I just can’t forget
You’re engraved in my mind
I can always see you smile
And when you’re gone
It’s only for a while
Cause down the street
That’s where you stay
And though it’s close
You’re too far away