December 8th, 2022

Once upon a time we were happy
And now that feeling is gone
Saying “I love you” out of habit
Made me feel I’d done something wrong
Debating whether to stay or go
Through moments of despair and confusion
I didn’t want it to be over
But it felt like an illusion
I’d say the same things over
My message never changed
You still refused to listen
Our marriage became estranged
Screaming in my head that I didn’t want this
Feeling completely divided
Praying for some conclusion
When deep down it’d been decided
I’m looking for something that you can’t give
It’s time for dissolution
I need to move on and let this go
It’s time for my revolution

RIP Karissa Urban

August 25th, 2022

I tried to work through our neverending strife
But it soon consumed my entire life
I weathered the storms of every ache
And there’s only so much a person can take
I tried to love you but you shut me out
Filled my head with nothing but doubt
You never understood my language of love
So I never felt anything but the lack thereof
When I was injured you only thought of gain
Leaving me to pick myself up in vain
You broke me with your absence of care
While I was belittled you stood and stared
You let your family speak to me with disdain
Bit your tongue which caused me pain
And when you apologized on my behalf
Your actions inscribed our epitaph


May 13th, 2011

In the end
How do you even comprehend
How do you know what was real
It’s not how I imagined I’d feel
From the start
Did you know we’d fall apart
Did you imagine this would be it
How easy love is to forget
In the middle
Communication begins to dwindle
Feelings begin to fade
My love cast into shade
Right before
No longer so sure
The loss of allure
I don’t want this anymore
At this time
I know you crossed the line
I feel like I lost half my heart
Did you want us to fall apart
In the end
I could no longer pretend
And I can’t even look at you
With everything you’ve put me through