Drunk Sensations

October 1st, 2010

The taste
My tongue itself
Will never want to know
The feeling
The numbness
The everything
It’s all too much for me
I don’t want to know
I never want to know
Why did you do this to me
I’m much too young
I’m much too old
For my age
I know too much
I’ve seen too much
The smell
It reeks
While death lingers
You’re too fond of it though
And not too fond of me
Because these drunk sensations stay
Even when they’re gone
They’re not too far away
The bottles always empty in your room


October 29th, 2009

I am alone in a crowded room
I see everyone, but I’m just another face
I hear their voices, but they all blur into one
I smell the odor of death in the air, surrounding me
I feel it in my bones that I won’t make it any longer
I think I’ve finally lost hope of being saved
I fear that I’m going to be forgotten
I wish it didn’t have to be this way
I believe my plans were much more than God had planned for myself
I am dying

Note: This was a school assignment based off of a photo from the Holocaust.