Give Me Back Myself

July 27th, 2009

You break me down to my weakest point
And I want to lock the door
But there’s no reason
Things still get in
I still get out
I’ve told you most of who I really am
Things I’ve never said in person
Things I’ve never wanted to write
I’ve told you
But it didn’t mean anything
I’m still just some girl
We’ll never be close
You don’t even try
And I don’t want to be
You trick me so much
You force me to trust
And it feels right at the moment
Then by the end, I feel empty
I feel I’ve said too much
I’ll never get it back
I’ve lost that part of myself
I never wanted to give this much of me to anyone
But for some reason it was you
For some reason you were different
But really you’re no different than anyone else
You only let me down
You make me make mistakes
And I don’t know if you’re one
But it feels like you are
I’ve grown miserable again
And it started because of you
I don’t want to take the blame
Could this really be my fault
You never let it stop
I got too caught up
And you don’t even care
About how much I care
And I don’t know why I do
There’s just no reason to
I’ve tried to let go
But you trick me again
I can’t wait ’til you leave
Because maybe this might end
And it may sound mean
That I want you to go
But I’m sick of holding on
To someone I don’t know


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