Stop Holding Back

February 27th, 2008

You walked with me and held my hand
But didn’t you want to let go
And meeting me wasn’t part of your plan
So what am I to you – please let me know
And if it’s true you really don’t miss me
Why do I feel it when you speak
And the way you said I love you
It made me dizzy and weak
And when I break down
You leave like you don’t care
And I want to be able to move on
But you’re holding me back and it’s not fair
And when I try to walk away
Something in your voice pulls me back
And when you hold me close
It’s like you’re the part of me I lack
And my tears fall again for you
And I want you to fight them away
But then you’re with another girl
And I mean nothing today

2008 4 (2)

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