House of Cards

August 14th, 2022

I hope this poem finds you well
Hiding in your house of cards
You gave enough to gain my trust
But you never dropped your guard
Too afraid to travel the world
Or have a serious conversation
Wasting my time like it’s yours to gamble
And you leave me in frustration
You never cared enough to ask
You treat life like it’s poker
So I will continue to fold
When I needed an ace but all I got was a joker
So I hope this poem brings you hell
Because I will call your bluff
And if you keep using people like toys
You will never be enough

April to July: Story of Goodbye

July 20th, 2022

For 125 days
I gave you my attention
Ignoring red flags
With no mention of intention
For seven days
I saw you in April
Consumed in spending time
Forgetting foundation was a staple
For ten days
I saw you in May
Digging my grave
I got carried away
For five days
I saw you in June
Six feet deep
And out of tune
And for one day
I saw you this July
Our counter has ended
And this is my goodbye

The Invitation

July 18th, 2022

You were unexpected to say the least
When your messages consumed my time
I was looking for a distraction
And you seemed to be inclined
A spontaneous invitation
An arrangement from a joke
I accepted your offer
Which you did not revoke
The taste of whiskey on your tongue
The scent tingling my nose
I admit I kissed you first
You played me like dominos
A careless decision in the midnight hours
A feeling I’ve never known
I got lost inside your games
When I should have stayed alone