Our Conversations

May 2nd, 2008

I know you noticed me
And yes, I noticed you too
We spoke some words today
But more I couldn’t pull through
I miss our conversations
But these words are too hard to speak
And now your words mean nothing
When before they made me weak
I cried some tears today
But no more than one or two
Just because it’s over now
Just because it’s completely through
It really hit me today
But it happened so long ago
And when we pass each other
It’s something nobody would know

2008 1


April 29th, 2008

I know I’m not
Don’t say I am
I’ll just deny it
I’ll walk away
I know I don’t
So just shut up
And zip your lips
Just keep them shut
I know I haven’t
Don’t say I did
It’s just a crush
There’s nothing more
You see these tears
They’re not for you
I know they’re not
Don’t say they are
I’m not in love
I know I’m not
It’s just a phase
I don’t love you
I know I’m not
It’s just a phase
I haven’t fallen
I don’t love you

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