July 19th, 2009

I say it
But do I mean it
Is the question
I feel it
But is it the same way
I express it
I’ve felt pain
But is it the same way
Others feel it
I’ve had sad eyes
But was it real
Or just another white lie
I’ve been asleep
Or was I really
Just another performance
I’ve read things
But could you possibly read it
The same way I did
I see you
But are you what I want
Or what I need
And all I see
All I read
All I feel
All I fake
What I think
It all makes no sense
And once again I’m lost
I absorb all I can
I contradict myself
I see things that aren’t real
Or was it just what I didn’t want to see
And to hear my thoughts
You wouldn’t understand
And to feel my pain
It’s just too fake
And to look into my eyes
And further to what’s not real
Would you even see me
Would you understand me
You wouldn’t be able to take it in
No one understands
No one even tries
To feel the fake
To feel the lies
To see my world
Behind my eyes

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