I’m Just Too Young

March 14th, 2009

It’s hard to deny
You know the words better than me
Even without reading it
Even though this is my story
I’d call it an accident
Maybe just a mistake
But these emotions I can’t hide
And these feelings I can’t fake
If this meant anything to you
I think you would have let me know
Your actions never mean anything
And your feelings never show
I don’t know who you are
Because I fell for just your lies
I’m stupid for believing you
Just because you looked me in the eyes
And I know I don’t need you
It just feels like it though
And everything I feel for you
Is nothing that you care enough to know
Maybe I’m just too young
Maybe I’ll never understand you at all
But I’m sick of laying down at night
Just wondering if you’re going to call
I tell myself
I need to push through
No matter how hard I try
I’ll never be enough for you



February 26th, 2009

Just because you kissed me
When you had a girlfriend
You brought me into your world of lies

And just because our lips touched
It doesn’t mean that much
But I lied

And just because you hid your relationship
And I knew but I pretended to not
Does that mean I lied

And just because
You told me you loved me
It doesn’t mean it’s true
Because I know you lied

And just because
You kissed my sibling
When we got together
But you were both drunk
You say it didn’t count
But that’s a lie

And just because
You don’t talk to me now
Every new relationship you have
Because I still love you
Does that mean our friendship is a lie

And just because this is all you do
The lies are deep
They hurt so deep
Because I’m in your life
Am I a liar?



January 30th, 2009

I’m like an individual who’s colorblind
Arriving at the streetlight
And the light is on
But what does the light mean
Should I stop or go
There might as well be a stop sign
In front of the green light
Because these signals are so mixed
And so confusing
Like the words “I love you”
When they say one thing
But mean another
They’ve all told me they care
Their actions
But then their words
It confuses me
And I’ve let them get the best of me