The Accident

December 17th, 2021

I see that you’re choking
But you’re trying to be cryptic
I’m too much for you
There’s no need to nitpick
When everything feels wrong
I see you’re in the zone
There’s so much that you can do
Even when you feel alone
So I stare at you
Knowing you’re too strong to break
A reflection of myself
To show me it’s not fake


July 31st, 2010

An unknown feeling has been following me
And it hasn’t gone away
So I walk around paranoid
Because it lusts me every day
The night is when it’s most clear
And I can almost taste it
But this feeling makes me antsy
I just don’t want to face it
When it crawls up my legs
It sends shivers all around
And in the dark
The feeling will be found
It tries to take my hand
And I refuse to let it do so
I know I can be stronger
If I wait it might let go
But still, I feel surrounded
I feel so boxed away
I feel like something’s wrong
And I feel it every day
The open door is waiting
The closed door is wanting
And the light wants to be off
So the dark can start haunting
The sounds in the day
The sounds in the night
Everything you’re feeling
You know it can’t be right
You try to stand your ground
You try to think it’s fake
But between your dreams and reality
You know that you’re awake
So you try to figure out
If it was just a dream
But the more you figure out
The more real that it seems
So you try to stay awake
You feel like you’re awake
You think that you’re awake
And start to wonder if it’s fake
You can only feel the cold
And nothing feels okay
Because you just can’t move
This nightmare took your life away


May 10th, 2010

I know the truth but I fall false
I’m tangled up in a web of illusion
And in my heart I fear I’ve lied
I’m hoping for a conclusion
I pray to be right
But know that I’m wrong
My fingers have been crossed
And I’ve known all along
These spiders know the truth
And it slips through the cracks
And I fall to the floor
With the truth that it lacks
All these tears full of lies
And this heart about to burst
I was thinking of myself
When I should’ve put you first
And the rain’s falling slowly
And I think they think I’m crazy
But I think I’m forgetting
Because this is all getting hazy
And when I wake up I’m gone
In an unfamiliar place
And the lies are all around
Written right across my face
And they all left me here
Because the rain left me showing
The truth is uncovered
And the spiders kept going
They opened my wounds
And left me to die
In a sticky little web
I built from this lie