September 14th, 2009

I saw my reflection
But I should have known better
And I splashed her away
Because she’s too under the weather
How was it supposed to be like this
I thought the rain would go away
I thought I picked a better destination
But it rerouted a different way
I thought I finally knew where to go
Until I came to a dead end
And seeing from the other side
Maybe I was only just a friend
You tricked me with your words
Made me believe in something new
I never thought I could fall that fast
Especially for someone like you
And the puddles on the ground
Show me everywhere that I go
And I splashed them away
Because it’s something I should know
I should know how to deal with myself
I need to control how I feel
My impulse behavior has got to go
Because I got entangled in a dream that wasn’t real

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