July 14th, 2022

I let my world come crashing down
I could no longer hold it together
The ends of my last thread had frayed
And hanging on was too much pressure
Over the years I’ve given up hoping
That happiness could be in my life
But I was a victim of my circumstance
And realized I shouldn’t be a wife
Because my life is decided by me
I don’t want this state of confusion
I want to discover who I really am
I spent too much time in a delusion
So I let my world shatter piece by piece
Until I could no longer recognize it
I can change my hair, my job, my home
But these memories won’t let me forget
Everything I went through was for a reason
So I need to see this through
I never found out what it’s worth
But in the end I’ll find my value

The last poem I wrote before this was in April, titled “Whatever It’s Worth.” I might not know yet – but I’m getting there. (Photographed: April 2022-July 2022)

5 thoughts on “Invaluable

  1. Finding our value and worth is a life-long quest and the answers are ever changing depending on the situation. But one thing I’ve learned is that God created me for a purpose and I may not know that purpose in this lifetime, but I trust in Him and I trust that I will know someday. Until then, I’ve come to a place where I love people where they’re at (expectations can kill a relationship/friendship), I keep positive and encouraging people close, and I don’t hold grudges. Life is short. Be good to yourself and those you love. ❤️

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  2. Love this. You are on the path to wish I’d taken earlier in my life instead of trying to find my worth in what other people thought of me.

    God made us all for a purpose. You have many gifts as a beautiful person and as a writer!

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