What Mayday Parade Said – But A Poem Instead of A Song

February 18th, 2022

I attract narcissists into my life
Like flowers attract bees
Longing to build a connection
But they soar in just to use me
I think I’ve figured out what they want
When I was already feeling used
Jumping into my life like a bomb
And I explode before they’re defused
But I know I’ll persevere
Still I feel so broken in
I’m feeling disheartened
My optimism is wearing thin
Learning my situation
And still choosing to proceed
Wanting to be a part of the mystery
But I just want to concede
And I can use them too
But that’s exactly what they want
For me to Taylor Swift them
While they act so nonchalant
I’m fundamentally perplexed
Yet I see behind the mask
So if you wanted a poem about you
Why didn’t you just ask?

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