2019 Concluded

Hello everyone, I just wanted to say that I can’t believe last year has ended already! I just began this blog in 2018, and suddenly it’s 2020! This month I reached 100 followers, and to celebrate, I acquired this new domain! I also launched an Instagram account if you wanted to follow my posts: @dollurban_


Last year I posted a recap mid-year because I was experiencing writer’s block. It encouraged me to see that people were still reading my blog after two months of me not posting, and I wanted to let all my followers know that I would be posting soon. So when I wasn’t in class, at work, or writing, I was busy making memories!

2009 – 2019

2005 – 2019

My husband and I purchased a new house and car!

I then redid both of our bathrooms by myself.

Overall, I would say I had a productive year!

If anyone is curious about what music inspired me last year, you can find my top 100 songs of 2019 below:


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