February 8th, 2007

Someone tell me
How this works
Is this my heart
Or is it a curse
The feelings so deep
That nobody sees
Are currently tearing up
The insides of me
I want to believe
Everything you say
But my heart says
There’s no way
It tells me all these things
They aren’t real
It tells me to
Forget to feel
So I try
I really do
But all these feelings
Lead me to you
And I hold on
I keep my hope
But all my heart says
Is nope
Don’t believe
The words they say
Just wait
Wait for the day
They will twist words
They will lie
And one day because of them
You will cry
I hold my tears back
I keep my fake smile
I keep my hope strong
I overthink my denial
But still my heart
It drives me insane
It shouldn’t be like this
I shouldn’t feel this pain
I close my eyes
Because what’s in my heart
Is slowly tearing me

2007 (5)

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